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The Men’s Ministry exists to foster and encourage the men of Mount Zion Baptist Church to assume their rightful place in God’s Kingdom. The ministry follows lockstep in accordance with Pastor Glee’s teachings and preaching, which are based in Kingdom Ministry. The Men’s Ministry is a cornerstone and the foundational support to the pastor and the body of the church.

Family, the roles of being a husband, father, son, provider, protector and corrector are defined by the connectivity and expectation of faith-based leadership within the church and the community. Hence, the men are purposed to establish a kinship through monthly meetings. Whereby, conversations, meditations and assignments help the men establish and define their responsibilities within The Kingdom.

The “Young Lions,” the adolescent males of the church are included in the Men’s Ministry. It is our objective and Godly obligation to prepare them to become leaders of the Mount Zion Baptist Church, their communities and eventually their own families.

The Men’s Ministry sponsors Friday night dinners, wholesome entertainment and other events for the families of the church to inspire cohesiveness and harmony between the ministry and the body of the church. Annually, with the Pastor’s blessing, the Ministry holds a formal Men’s Day and a preacher is invited to give a thematic word to uplift the ministry and the church.

Many Blessings,
Shawn M. Bland
Associate Minister

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