Trustee Ministry

The Trustee Ministry exist to provide management of the church’s finances, maintenance of the building and facilities, tracking all church’s equipment, keeping all insurance policies up to date and to make sure all legal requirements are met, as well as managing all staffing requirements for the church.  The Trustee Ministry prepares an annual budget of expenses of the church with the assistance of the Senior Pastor, Deacon’s Ministry and all Ministry Leaders of the church.  They conduct short and long-term fiscal planning, maintain salary ranges and annually reviews salaries of those employed by the church.  Working in conjunction with the Senior Pastor and Deacon’s Ministry the Trustee Ministry provide oversight of the overall functioning of the church.  The Trustee Ministry will meet monthly with the Senior Pastor and Deacon Ministry.

>>>Trustee responsibilities:

* to hold in trust all properties of the Church, legal documents, to enter legal contracts when authorized by the Church, to exercise supervision and care over all Church property, to insure that all funds are secured, bills are paid, purchases are made, to prepare and present the annual budget, and to authorize the use of the Church facilities in conjunction with the consent of the Pastor and the Deacons.

>>> Goals to strengthen Trustee ministry and congregation:


– Inspect facilities and ensure appropriate, timely preventative-maintenance or repairs as needed

– Explore options for improving handicap accessibility and overall safety (Church, Parking Lot, Storage Facilities, etc.)


– Collaborate with leadership and other ministries to enhance organization (operationally and physical space)

– Establish and effectively utilize website to engage and improve communications with members/ community


– Closely monitor expenses and work towards presentation of annual budget

– Annual audit and inventory of all legal documentation


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